Sunday, 24 January 2016

Glass dome paper stud earrings-tutorial

Hi there,A few days ago I was randomly searching on google for decoupage earrings tutorial and came across tutorial about glass dome earrings,im so excited to do this project .
I purchased glass domes from EBay site, you can find any other sites as well,I just found them to be the best price.
To make glass dome you will need a bit of patience and practise at first as with any new craft. A few mistake happen !
required materials for this project

  • Glass dome various sizes are available in the market
  • glue (I used B-6000)
  • decorative paper
  • cabochon earring setting tray
first you need to choose your selected picture, for this I used decoupage tissue paper .by holding the dome over your paper and this will give you an idea how it look. Put a blob of adhesive on the picture, and then press the glass dome down making sure the glue spreads out to the edges and all the air bubbles are pushed out once you have pushed down try not to move the dome .moving it at this stage can cause a silvery effect .hold it down for few seconds.don't be tempted to pick it up too soon, the dome will need several hours to full dry. For the best result leave it overnight. so your glass dome was ready now , spread the glue inside the cabochon tray push your domeinto the setting ,press it gently wipe off the glue  spreads out the edges.
This is my first try, got so many troubles to make perfection. With practice you can create beautiful earrings with clear and perfect results ..

 Here are my result came ,these studs are so simple and I loved and it will add a touch of sparkle to any of my outfit .

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