Friday, 22 January 2016

Pearl drop Earrings-tutorial

Hi,these pearl drop earrings are one of my favourite earrings,they add a simple and stylish look to any outfit.pearls are often worn for special occasions such as weddings and these simple earrings would look beautiful worn with  Classic dress on a special day.They would make a great gift for the person that has everything!!

All you need to make these Earrings is the fresh water pearls,sterling silver pegs,sterling silver ear wires and glue.

First ,use a fine point such as a cocktail stick to dab a bit of glue onto the cap of the peg and gently place it in the half drilled hole in the cultured fresh water pearl.once mixed,the glue sets in 5 minutes so ensure you set your pearl straight away.Gently place it down and leave it to set .Once set ,using a pair of snipe nose pilers gently twist the loop in the earwires open and hang your peg with loop from the loop in the earwire then close the earwire wire securely .

There you have it, Beautiful classic pearl drop earrings made in just a few minutes!
   Hope you like it ! Thank you will get back soon  with other projects