Monday, 15 February 2016

quilling earrings tutorial using with washi (decorative paper) tape

Hi friends,  todays project is a fun ,inexpensive  earring tutorial, quilling jumkas using with washi

tape. I really love to wear them and love to make them. I have learned to make my own earrings.

 I wore them on recent party and got so many compliments. Here is the tutorial for this 

beautiful earrings. 

washi tape


  • 6mm pink quilling strips
  • washi tape
  • glue
  • quilling tools
  • beads,eye pin,bead cap,earwire.

To get started make a plain coil, insert one end of a quilling strip into the tiny slot in your quilling

tool,then start twirling the tool away from you .keep twirling the paper until the whole quilling strip is

twisted on the quilling tool.When you have rolled the piece of paper all the way around your tool,

gently pull the coil off . use a toothpick to dab a small amount of glue on the end of the paper ,hold

for 10 to 15 seconds.

Take quilling mould, select one dome starting from the centre press down and move outward over

dome, shape until dome is formed.

Spread out the glue inside the quilling dome.

let it dry for 10 to 15 mnts.

Now you finished your plain quilling dome ,its time to peel and place the washi tape.

There are so many washi tapes are available in your local shops and online shops as well. Just peel

off the tape with tweezer like as below picture shown.

Need not apply any glue to the quilling dome ,this washi tape is already sticky, gently put the tape

below edges of the quilling dome . 

keep wrapping the tape until the tape is  wrapped around the quilling dome .

when you finished wrapping cut the tape with tiny scissors .

once you have finished quilling dome ,use your small, round nose pilers to bend a little in the end.

Here is the end result can make  it like your style .

These earrings are very simple and quick to make  ..isn't it ...?

These are just a few designs  which I created.

let me know if you have any queries or thoughts in the comments space below ....will be back soon with another lovely tutorial. Thank you .

red quilling earrings

simple quilling earrings

hi ,here is my favourite colour black quilling  earrings, I  made so many quilling earrings all those are party wear but I want earrings that  it suits my daily outfit such as Kurtis ,tops etc .
these earrings are so simple and perfect match to my out fit and I received so many compliments..