Wednesday, 31 August 2016

silk thread jewellery set

silkthread bangles

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silk thread bangle

                      Silk thread bangle black and royal blue grand design .

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peacock theme quilling jumkas -IQCG Challenge No:29 Incredible india

Hi friends ,hope everyone is doing good .after a long break i opened my blog ,my eyes firstly catches Indian challenge groups Incredible India challenge, my hands itching, couldn't control my self until I participate, missing u all from past bsnl broadband  says its loading ...loading ..coz poor signals in my hometown, testing my patience:( anyway I'm  happy to participate in this challenge at the last date.hope for consider my entry.

coming to the challenge ,love the theme incredible India!, I select peacock  quilling jumka for this challenge.
we are all know PEACOCK which is a symbol of grace,joy,beauty and love is the NATIONAL BIRD of INDIA,peacock occupies a respectable position in indian culture and is protected not only by religious sentimentsbut also by parliamentary statute.

so I took peacock feather colour quilling strips made quilling jumka ,luckily I had peacock stud base which gives more beauty to my is the pic.
thanks .all the best for those  who participated in this challenge..