Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Paper based pendant tutorial ## recycled paper pendnt

Hi everyone ,hope you  all are doing good. Here, I came to share my knowledge about paper base pendant.
paper based pendant that don't look handmade at all! And it is pretty difficult to believe that you can actually make them yourself at home with recycled paper. And so easy and inexpensive, fun involved too how does that sound?

this is a fairly simple process and you can custom make your necklace within a few hours .

This tutorial will show you how to make your own handmade recycled paper pendant .

Material required :
  • scissors
  • recycle paper or card stock paper ,foil paper (here I'm using recycled paper )
  • glue ,
  • eyepins
  • pearl
  • ball chain , pearl cup chain

  • follow these simple steps
Draw two circles, one is big circle I took 2 inches (5cm) and small circle 0.6 inches (1.6cm).you can choose any size of your choice.

Cut around the outer edge of one of the circles with the help scissors.we need 4 circles.

Now cut out small inner circles

I just highlighted with blue pen for reference  

Cut out your highlighted parts as shown in the above picture .I took one foil card for main part of pendant instead painting the paper. If you don't have foil card you can paint of your choice .

Now you done cutting , choose 1 card among 4 just place your eye pins and  mark it.

Cut out marked part to insert eyepins as shown in the picture

Apply glue and insert eyepins.

Now arrange one by one insert eyepin with glue

now finish my paper pendant. its time for decorate with pearl cup chain  and ball chain .

Here i choose perl cup chain and gold colour ball chain .

apply glue around the corners of the pendant

stick the pearl string around the pendant

tada!! here is my colourful  pendants

please ignore my bad photography !
please do not make copies of the pattern,I'm just assisting you people  in making the pattern at no charge . polish your talent and you can make unique jewellery rather than me.
Thank you .


  1. Where can i get the foil paper ma'am.would love to try it

  2. I bought it from local shops in London