Wednesday, 13 September 2017

same to same contest #1

Hello Friends, We have almost come to the end of our exciting festival week and what better
time could it be than to announce this Contest just for you.
So, get ready to Participate in  the  'same to same Contest.' 

One lucky winner gets a chance to win  a pair of earrings from DEEPUCREATIONS  
And yet another super cool offer prize money Rs.500/-!!
1 week  we will promote your business and Facebook page links in all my social media. That means if the winner running a handmade jewellery business, we will promote their business details in my Facebook, blogger ,Instagram , twitter, with free of cost to encourage and support to boost up their business !!!    

This contest main theme was to prove that  handcrafted jewellery is the best and it can be more beautiful than machine made  jewellery. Those who looking for a personalized, unique piece, handmade jewellery is an ideal option

What’s Good About Handmade Jewellery?

Handmade jewellery is often produced by people who truly enjoy what they are doing.
Those purchasing these pieces will not only have the satisfaction of owning and wearing something special, but also allowing someone to continue creating something that they love

When buying handmade jewellery, you work directly with someone that manufactures your jewellery and understands your desires rather than a store clerk who knows little to nothing about jewellery manufacture.
Retail jewellery stores often employ staff that work there to make a living.
The livelihood of a jeweller depends on the quality of the work he produces. It’s therefore not only her job, but also her passion!

so here is the contest , participants  need to make earrings which is shown in the below picture .these are the Kashmiri jhumkas.

source: GOOGLE 

All you need to follow these simple rules.

*contestant have to make same design earrings 
*materials  should be silk thread choice of your colour 
*one contestant allows one entry ,must be their own pictures
* no country restrictions.

Terms and Conditions :

UK residents are eligible for 3 prizes
other countries are not eligible to get free earrings

so submit your entry in below link
all the very best !
Nandhini Devaraj